Project Payment Terminals

The first action group aimed at reducing payment terminal costs


The Project

Bridgewater has launched an intensive campaign to help the largest retailers in Belgium to reduce all costs related to Payment Terminals. The objective is to gather the major actors in the retail sector in order to create the first Action Group that will facilitate in creating a significant negotiation power to decrease the pricing and increase the service available in the market today.


Market Situation

Since the liberalization of the energy market in 2007 we have witnessed deep structural changes in the supply of gas and electricity. This is in sheer contrast with the market of payment terminals where little has changed.

Bridgewater wants to be your partner in unlocking the benefits of this market. In today’s economy the number of transactions by cards (debit or credit) keeps increasing year after year. Hence, your costs are following the same trend.

By joining our Action Group, your company will have more weight in the negotiation with the major suppliers and actors in the market.

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Project Phases

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    The Client signs a Partnership Agreement with Bridgewater and provides all relevant information.
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    Bridgewater has contact with all Relevant Suppliers in the market and will provide them with the necessary information in order to receive a first Proposal.
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    Further negotiation of Proposals made by Suppliers.
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    Bridgewater presents the best Proposals to each Client.
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    Acceptance or Rejection of the Proposal by the Client.
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    If the Client has accepted the Proposal, Bridgewater will assist in the Implementation of the new Proposal to guarantee the saving is realized and the transition process is smooth.


Why an Action Group

Transparency on pricing and contractual agreements

Increased vision for new market opportunities

Address the quality issues (down time 12/2013 and 12/2014)

Dedicated and proactive services

Up to date norms and technologies

Transparency on pricing and contractual agreements

More buying power through increased volume

European Single player

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